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Why should we buy real estate in Hévíz

Bárhogy és bárhol is teszünk fel hasonló kérdést, tanácsos alapos információk birtokában meghozni az ingatlanvásárlással kapcsolatos döntésünket. Hosszan sorolható, hogy milyen gazdasági, társadalmi, idegenforgalmi és nem utolsósorban fejlesztési érvek szólnak amellett, hogy nem csak hogy jó választás, hanem egyenesen javallott Hévízen és környékén ingatlanba fektetni. أكثر

Purchase and sale information

Purchase and sale According to a governmental regulation property can normally be acquired by foreigners without restraint in Hungary. Only properties under preservation order, real estate in protected landscapes and agricultural land are an exception, such as meadows, farmland and pastures, forests, etc. أكثر

Buying information

  Q1. How long does it take from signing the final contract until the property is officially registered on my name? A1. Usually, the procedure takes about 10-12 weeks. The Administration Office procedure takes 30 business days, the Land Register procedure takes another 30 days, in addition there is some time needed for transferring the documents from one authority to the other. أكثر

Hévíz informaiton

Hévíz Hévíz, not only beautiful but one of the wealthiest towns in Hungary, with its world famous thermal lake, according to experts, the biggest natural thermal lake in the world, thousands of tourists visit this town yearly. Hévíz is full of different facilities and services and its location is just perfect. أكثر


  Hungary is located in the middle of Europe, in the Carpathian Basin surrounded by the Carpathians, the Alps and the Dinara Mountains. The territory of the country is 93,030 square kilometres, covering about 1 % of Europe. The population of Hungary is around 10 million, 20% of the population lives in the capital Budapest. أكثر

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