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The Egyptians were also informed about local investment possibilities

Sharm El Sheik by all means relies on the professional experiences of Héviz achieved in medicinal tourism and therapeutics and places high trust in that they can welcome the leadership along with a delegation  of Héviz town in the near future-it was stressed by Mr Khaled Fouda, the regent of the South-Sinaian Territory, who entered into negotiations with Mr Gábor Papp,the mayor of Héviz.

General Khaled Fouda and his escort of businessmen have arrived in the country upon the invitation of  Zsolt Semjén, the Deputy Minister of Hungary this week.

The guests were welcomed at the Egyptian Embassy of Hungary in Budapest with a gala Dinner, which was also attended by the Hungarian,the Saudi,the Moroccan,the Kuwaiti and the Egyptian Ambassadors, Mr Csaba Rada, the Foreign Representative of Hungary, and by Mr Gábor Papp and Mr József János Kepli, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Héviz.The presence of Héviz was also evident, as back in 2013 it has made a sister-city cooperation with Sharm El Sheik, the biggest city of the Sinai Peninsula, and as such, the General has attached great importance to the participation of our partake in the events. Mr Khaled Fouda also emphasized that Sharm el Sheik wishes to develop its opportunities in tourism, in which he would expect considerable help from the town of Héviz.Following the meeting in Budapest the businessmen participantsof the delegation also visited Hévíz to personally get a picture of the town,and made sure that the city will retain the role of tourism in order to develop and inquired about the town and its investment opportunities, as well.

The delegation was received at the City Hall by the Mayor Gabor Papp, who then were introduced to Hévíz and the surrounding area and its offerings of tourism, medicine, culture and recreation and those ones of  leisure, and the businessmen were informed of the investment opportunities,as well. At the meeting, the Hungarian Egyptair Head also attended, who was interested in Hévíz Balaton Airport cargo and charter options.




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