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  • Quality & Comfort
  • The best region in Europe to invest
  • Holiday homes around Lake Balaton
  • Hotels and boarding houses for sale
New built

In a quiet, peaceful part of Cserszegtomaj; a high-quality, newly built family house with all of the extra equipments and a wonderful panorama of Lake Balaton is for sale.
Properties with view

In Alsópáhok, in a quiet street, in an environment of a high quality it is a property for sale, that is considered a real curiosity - with a wonderful panorama and unique interior design solutions.
Hévíz properties

In a quiet dead-end street of Hévíz it is a flat with new furniture for sale.
Balaton properties

Really high quality flat is for sale, nine minutes from the shoreline of Lake Balaton.
Commercial properties

Best value

It is a beautiful, stylish property of a high quality, with ever and unique panorama for sale on the northern part of Lake Balaton.
Properties with privacy

A unique, multiple award-winner wine house is for sale in the picturesque Balaton uplands!
Traditional properties

Large mansion is for sale in a spectacular natural environment with a unique park, old trees around, wells with drink quality water and water tower.
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