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Hévíz informaiton



Hévíz, not only beautiful but one of the wealthiest towns in Hungary, with its world famous thermal lake, according to experts, the biggest natural thermal lake in the world, thousands of tourists visit this town yearly. Hévíz is full of different facilities and services and its location is just perfect. It is only 6 kms from Keszthely, the “Capital of Lake Balaton” and 10 kms from the new FlyBalaton airport.

Beautiful nature surrounds the town of Hévíz, and it adds to the numerous attractions that Hévíz has to offer. This makes Hévíz very popular, the property market is permanently active with Hungarian and foreign investors.

The most important attraction of Hévíz is the Thermal Lake, but has many related wellness and therapy services offered by several of the 3-4 star Hotels in the town. It is a beautiful relaxing place with many excursion opportunities nearby.

The nearest town is Keszthely, the capital of Lake Balaton, where you have many museums, shopping facilities, bars, restaurants, and sports facilities.

Budapest can be reached within 2.5 hours using the motorway M7 to the south of the lake, Vienna can be reached within 2.5 hours.

Excursions to the famous sights of the Balaton area include, Kis Balaton, Badacsony Vineyards, the Tihany peninsula, or the volcanic hills of the northern side can be reached very easily within a few hours.

Our Recommendations:

  • Visit the famous Lake Balaton with all of its beauty- 6 kms
  • Have a medieval meal in the fortress of Sümeg – 20 kms
  • Make an excursion with the steam-locomotive from Keszthely to Badacsony – 6 kms
  • Enjoy an operetta-evening in the Mirror Hall of the Festetics Castle in Keszthely – 6 kms
  • Have a glass of wine in the vineyard of Hévíz, called Egregy
  • Enjoy some delicious pastries in the Rigoletto Café
  • Sightseeing in the town with the Dotto train
  • Listen to gipsy-music and enjoy typical Hungarian cuisine in the Magyar Csárda restaurant
  • Spend a few hours swimming in the thermal lake and afterwards have a walk in its magnificent park.


Lake Balaton the "Hungarian Sea"

Lake Balaton is the largest freshwater lake of Central and Western-Europeand an important destination for domestic and international tourism. The lake is 76 kilometres long, its width varies between 1.5 and 13 kilometres; the water surface is 596 square kilometres. The average depth of the lake is 3 metres, with the exception of the Tihany peninsula, where the lake bottom plummets to 11-12 metres. The lake is supplied by the River Zala and some springs, and the surplus water is carried to the River Danube through the Sió canal.

Lake Balaton is an established holiday area mainly visited by families with children. There is a 210 km cycle path around the lake which gives you the chance to make a "Tour de Balaton".

Lake Balaton is an ideal spot for water sports such as sailing, windsurfing, kiting and kayaking. The 42 different kinds of fish in the lake are just waiting for fishermen. Several sights, such as the ruins of Szigliget, the Festetics Manor-House (located in Keszthely), the fortress of SümegKis (Little) Balaton, the Balaton Museum (located in Keszthely) are attractions to visit while you are staying in the region.

There are 5 wine regions around the lake, and the wines of the Balaton region are internationally known and also strongly attached to the world famous Hungarian cuisine. Badacsony (the biggest wine hill of the region) is famous for its white wine called Grey Monk, but other sorts like Chardonnay, Riesling, Muscat and Ottonell are also typical of the Badacsony wine region.

The landscape, the Hungarian hospitality and the reasonable prices are good arguments for a visit to the "Hungarian Sea".The Spa World of the Zala region, and the Zala Springs golf course


The Spa World of the Zala region, and the Zala Springs golf course

The Zala region located only 20 minutes drive from the western shoreline of Lake Balaton, only 10 minutes drive from the new FlyBalaton airport. This area is very popular with Hungarian and foreign tourists because of its spa resorts. The most famous are Hévíz, Kehidakustány and Zalakaros.

In the middle of the region, a new project has been launched: the Zala Springs golf course. It is planned to be the best golf course in Eastern Europe. The location is perfect, lovely surroundings, beautiful villages with character and only 15 minutes from the new FlyBalaton airport, which already has direct flights to London and other cities in Europe.

Because of the Zala Springs project, many foreigner investors have become very interested in this area, and also in the surrounding villages around Zala Springs. There are plenty of properties for sale, like villas, plots of land or properties suitable for major developments.

The location of the Zala region is just perfect: you are in easy reach of Lake Balaton and the FlyBalaton airport. It is a place for active tourism and could also be an ideal place to retire to.

Find out, why this region has been chosen, and what this project will bring to this region. One thing we can be sure of is: the property market will certainly react to this huge project, and all the surrounding villages will now be under scrutiny from many foreign investors.

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