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Charterlánc indul Moszkvából a Hévíz-Balaton Airport repterére


The mayor of Hévíz has signed the contract with Russian Tour Operator Vedi Tours about the new direct flights between Hévíz and Moscow. 

From 14.01.2013 every week 2 charters are arriving to the Hévíz-Balaton International airport.

Vedi Tours is focusing to bring quality medical tourists to Hévíz, and this match very well with the plans of Hévíz, as Hévíz is focusing to remain first class medical tourist resort for the future.


Olga Gyevjatkina the president of the Jakutyija air company – from which Vedi Tour hires the aircrafts - said: her company has at the moment more then 30 Boeing aircrafts, and received IATA permit in 2012.

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