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More and more foreign guest in Hévíz

 In the  recent  years  guests are  arriving in bigger and bigger numbers from the Markets  targeted  by the Council of Héviz-mainly from East Asia-said the mayor of the resort to MTV (a Hungarian TV Chanel) reporters.

Gábor Papp a FIDESZ-KDNP (the name of two Hungarian Parties) supporter recalled  that the  expressed aim of the council-founded in  2010-was the completion of  the then  starting ring ofvisitors with a new guest circle, and such, the efforts of the last three years  has already come  with good results.
At Héviz, Russian tourists  count for the  second biggest circle of guests, while at the same time there can be felt a two-digit growth from the part of China, and and increasing interest from the Arab countries and India, as well.
According to the figures of the Héviz Tourism - a local non-profit plc - this year, in the first ten months the number of staying time by russian guests  has grown with 35 %,and the number of guest-nights overstepped the magical 200000-limit. Next to the guest-ring  arriving from the  German language area, today it is the Russian, who are the second largest group.
According to the Mayor of Héviz, Russian guest spend more nights here than everybody else, looking for health and spa tourism services, even in wintertime they love going to the local Bath Lake.
However, from Russia it is mostly the under-60’s who come here, and they spend more than the Germain-speaking guests, arriving  in big numbers even in winter, when people from other countries hardly come.
The staying time of the Chinese during the first ten months of this year has seen a 13% increase.
This, for the time being means 7,200 guest-nights, but the mayer called attention to the fact that the Chinese have different travelling customs and are not enough familiar with Spa Tourism rely on longer cures. They usually „run down” the whole of Europe in 5-6 days,and normally spend no more but just one night at one place. The Mayor tituled it an outstanding result, that the quarter of Chinese tourists coming to Hungary visit Héviz, too, and in respect of the region of Budapest, Bratislava and Prag, Héviz also got üp on the  map of Holidaymakers’.
The town’s latest plan is to offer round-tours for the Chinese, touching near-by and overseas Spa destinations, as well.
According to Gábor Papp, there are still unexploited potentials  in the Arab region and in India, from where the interest is intensifying - as this year so far 10,000 guest-nights  were registered from these countries – but still many years have to go by for better results to come. From the Baltic and the Scandinavian states the guests traffic is an increasing already can be seen.  This year visitors from Latvia, Estonia, Finland have spent 2 or 3 times as much time like last year, but still it means just a coup of guest nights a year. In the opinion of the mayor of Hévíz reaching a newer circle of guests is not at all the question of money. The personal persuasion and the setisfactory of needs are seem to be more important.
They didn’t spend too much on Travel Shows, nevertheless delegations are arriving in great numbers whose members are spreading their good experienses in the countries. The presence of the Balaton Airport at Sarmellek – which was put into operation last year by the Hévíz Town Council - is particulary important, but the russian, Chinese and Arabian websites are still needed, brochures, and the goog knowledge of the english language from the part of the hosts – summerazing the expectations Gábor Papp, the Mayor of Hévíz. Orsolya Horváth, the Excutive Director of the Héviz Tourism-a local non-profit plc- added for the service of the new guest-ring they have to meet the needs of unique conditions, as well. The Russians and the Arab require more luxurial shops and higher quality gastronomy supply. Whereas the arab’s peculiar expectation is a by-the genders separated bathing facility.
This latter problem has been well resolved by certain hotels simply by adapting the means of deviding the use of the pools during daytime in certain hours they are used by ladies and at other times they are used by men swimmers.

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