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Further expand of flights may come to Balaton Airport

 After having carried out its plans of this year her supply might be widen with further East and Central European flights – the head of the Balaton Airport informed the MTI.

Attila Benkő, the Excutive Director of the company owned by the Council of Hévíz said that after the 13,700 passenger traffic of last year, this year a 25,000 traffic of  arriving and departing passengers is planned at Sármellék, where until now 24,500  travellers have turned at, and in the last days of December three, while carrying over into first two weeks of January yet ten other Russian charter planes are to be arriving for the Orthodox Christmas.
The more than 10,000 capita growth of this year’s passenger traffic in the greatest extent it is to be thanked to the increase of  Russian travellers. He reminded the assembly to the fact  that this year it was the Air Baltic from Riga who launched a charter service at first, or since April, from Moscow the flying of charter planes have become regular.
Gábor Papp, the Mayor of Héviz said collaborating with Travel Agencies they have been carrying out negotiations about the running of new Swiss, Norwegian, Chech and Polish Charter Services, and at the same time they have had discussions about a London Airport with Wizzair, too. He added, it is mainly not  the tourists who is using Discount Flights,and that,they expect spa and dental tourism to bring new guests from Great-Britain,as well.
According to the contract signed with the Air Baltic 3 years ago, next year more airplanes may come more frequently from Latvia. They are launching campaigns in Estonia and Finland. They are also planning a marketing actions which they want to bring young people to summer festivals at Lake Balaton.
There is a great success by the approval process of Moscow flights, so from next spring charter flights are expected to be schelduled. The German PA Touristik Basel is among the new flights points in the future. Gabor Papp also specified that according to the plans passenger traffic may increase from 15 to 20 % in 2014 at Balaton Airport. They want to provid the flight season and launch new flights. Mayor also reported that they want to obtain grants for the airport environment and overhaul of roads on the new EU budgetary cycle wich have already been completed in the application and development plans.


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