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Why should we buy real estate in Hévíz

Whichever way we may put the question to ourselves it is advisable to make a decisison but
only after being in the possession of thoroughful informations about the know-hows of buying a property. The list of the pros of  various economical, social,touristic and developmental argues is almost endless that it is not just a good coice but well-recommended to invest money in buying real-estates in Héviz and the sourrounding area.
The geographical situation of the place is already a ten out of ten. As The Héviz Thermal Lake, which is the largest hotwater  lake in all Central and Western Europe is situated in the close-by neighbourhood of Lake Balaton and  it is the biggest biologicaly active and natural source hotwater spring lake in the whole world. The unique curing water of the lake has been known and renowned for more than 2000 years and attracting guests and investors years after years into the area.
As such,the Héviz tourist season is blossoming not only in the summertime but all the year round like it should after all we were in one of/if not the  highest Citadel of the national Health Tourism!  The medicinal treatments have had a uniquely wide repertory and guests believe in the power of the treasure-worth lake. The local Hotel Industry is evolved, 4-star hotels with a superb personnel are everywhere and warmly-welcoming those who want to spend unforgettably beautiful and recreational days or weeks in them. In the circle of German-spoken guests It has been very popular for long decades to spend longer periods here and in the last couple of years several Countries outside of Europe started to take notice and see the latent possibilities of  the Héviz region, as well. Out of all these one can of course easily draw the conclusions that during the years the town of Héviz has managed to obtain considerable  economical advantages and could log up important successes in
more respects. One of the following consequences in regards of local tourism-that next to  the Capital, Héviz has become the country's second largest most popular destination of interest with her remarkable figure of more than 1,080,000 guest nights per year. What is more, one of the town hotels, the Lotus Therme Hotel&Spa could even enter its name with a thick ink into the Great Book of  Hoteliéring as was chosen for one of the 25 best Ho-tels of the World by Trip Advisor, a prominent internet guidebook.
The apropriate management of the town made it possible to set about smaller and bigger
developments during the recent yeras. The centre of the town is growing more and more beautiful and along with uptown vine-lands of the  Egregy district  is rightly becoming increasingly popular. But, the ever biggest and highest scale developing period for the country's probably richest town is still yet to come. As, thanks to the local authority, in the upcoming years between 2014 to 2017 there will be numerous and so huge invesments taken place that will sure to make Héviz be more at a premium, even on an international scale.  Here are a few of the many projects of the future:
Plan Number 20: the building of a new Cultural and Conference Centre with a planetary hall that seats 1000 people,along with more section-rooms and an underground Parking House
Plan Number 21: the construction of a new 5-acre Sports Centre with a multifunctional Sportshall and a Pleasure Bath with swimming pools and a grandstand for the use of all generations
Plan Number 22: Conversion of the Main Square
Plan Number 23: building a new 6-bay Bus Station
Plan Number 24:establishing  of a Historical Market,etc.
And the list goes on and on..and such, it goes without saying and no more other guarantees
needed,that the benefits of all these improvements and developments of the town will have been felt by all the local residents,visiting tourists and investors alike.
While one of the basis,and fairly good start-off ground to make all these things  possible was the very result of an ever-growing undiminished and upshooting economy achieved through by the previous developments and touristic investments of the town.
With the decesion of taking over the management of the near-by Héviz-Balaton Airport at Sármellék, The local Council took a crucial step and had changed the future of the whole region. As by the resuscitation of the Airport and establishment of the conditions of a qualitable guest reception service the town had managed to make the heads of experts of the International Air Industry  turn to them. Now they have guests coming from Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, the Scandinavian and Baltic states who arrive here into the West-Balaton Region by using charter flights from Moscow and Riga Airports. According to the plans, from 2014 Wizzair will also starts flights from Héviz-Balaton Airport.
Héviz is positioned undoubtedly at one of the highest rank places on the national list of real estate invesments. The impact of the economic crises missed the region,so the mood for investing is still undiminished,looking at it even on an international scale.
Everything is given here to a successful businness:excellent geographical conditions, a favourable climate,good sanitary facilities,the renowned traditions of Hungarian Culture and her alikly famous Gastronomy. Beyond domestic interests, a Russian and Ukrainian presence also better and better can be felt,and according to recent feedbacks-thanks to the new partnerships between towns-there are further huge potentialities in the person of the circle of the Arab regions and India,as well.
And it holds good not just for Héviz but for all the valuable areas in the region. Where as amongst them the biggest attention should turn to Zalacsány which situated only 15 kilometres from Héviz, where an enormous construction, the so called Zalasprings Project was started last year. This is the place where a brand new 160-acre Golf Playing Fi-eld, a 200-room Hotel, a 9000-square metre Spa Centre along with an entire Golf-Village will all be built in the near future,thanks to imrovements beginning from this year.
This is presently  the largest touristic project in all Eastern Central Europe which will cost 265 Million Euros. From the borders of the future Hotel it is only a 5 minute car ride and we get to Kehidakustány, to a nearby Spa Centre,where the 4-star Hotel Termál is awaiting for its exacting guests. Should we begin to move away in the opposite direction from Héviz and we will find ourselves right at once in the lovely little historical town of Keszthely with her 15 Museums, the renowned Festetics Castle with her regular grand exibitions, and last but not least with her Balaton Coastline she has well deservedly earned the title to be called the Capital of Lake Balaton. The breathtaking scenery of the intact lands of the Keszthely mountains with her win-growing regions are all so alluring,It is little wonder that they constantly attract tourists. And we could still go on and on with the list of places of interests,as such places like Badacsony, Szigliget or Sümeg with their beautiful landscapes and unique attractions are also there-by,which of course,all give a further rise to the value of real-estates in the Héviz-Keszthely region. On top of all, the whole area with all her surprises and historical sights can be easily reached with a one-hour car ride from the Ausrian border and one can make his or her way in just three hours from the Croatian Seacoast, also.
And here are those 20 little arguments again why is it worth buying a property for ourselves in the Keszthely-Héviz region:
- there is the Héviz Thermal Lake there with her balneotherapies
- this is the country's second most popular destination
- Héviz is one of the richest town of Hungary
- with a 21st century infrastructure
- the closeness of Héviz-Balaton Airport
- the direct vicinity of Lake Balaton
- the immense 265 Million-Euros Investment Project(the Golf Field) at Zalacsány
- the proximity of Kehidakustány with its pouplar Spa Centre
- excellent public security
- It is a lively and pulsating town all year round
- with complex cultural programmes
- the locals are very friendly and welcoming
- the English and German are spoken
- continous developments
- lots of historical sights and castles
- similar amounts of beautiy spots in the near-by Keszthely mountains (untouched landscape)
- Europian enviroment with the usual sanitarily norms
- the nearness of the Ausrtian border
- you have direct motorways to the Croatian seacoast
- the presence of more and more foreign investors
So, as you can see the town of Héviz and Keszthely with the sourrounding regions have taken serious steps and done their  very bests to be recognized internationally within the Trade of Tourism. With receiving a constant and maximal subsidy from the Hungarian State the leaders of the settlements can be thinking long-range. And they can do it,as with being in the possession of both geographical and economical conditions they can succeed not only in a national respect but also on a European scale. And the palette of offers for Europian Investors are pretty colourful,as they can buy not just from the usual plots flats and family houses but they can also choose to buy properties close to hotels and golf fields, or even ready-made complex projects or they can even get tailor-made ones with turnkey contracts, adjusted to individual needs.
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