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Colorful international cliéntele at Hévíz

According to the 2014 Guest Traffic Datas Héviz has maintained its leading role in domestic tourism. It remains the most visited destinations in the country, the world's largest known natural thermal lake spa town.

Last year no less than 1,066.035 room nights were registered at Héviz out of which 982,760 ones were spent at various commercial accomodations (hotels,guesthouses and campsites) while rest were spent at private accomodations. Private accomodation turnover grew by 9.7% compared to turnover in 2013, while the turnover of the hotels decreased by 6.3% in the same year. The ethnic composition of the visitors did not change significantly compared to previous years there is a great interest towards the local traditional and modern spa treatments offered by this unique destination from almost all over the World. The 32.6% of  of the room nights were spent by domestic tourists,29.6% of it was spent by German guests,and the rest 24.7% by Russian tourists. The total number of Russian tourist nights decreased by 1.9% in 2014. The remaining 13.1% were shared up among the Czech, the Slovak and the Northern European Cliéntele for the most part, besides that, however from China to North America the guests circles of nearly 50 countries were also warmly welcomed in Hévíz. The city administration to meet the needs of visitors, makes it even more attractive with the continuous development of the city. Out of the project funds in 2014 the town of Héviz would launch a local community cycling system called "HeBi" and also handed over a bypass road to the cycling community. They would develop a fashionable pedestrian street out of the old districts of Egregy famous of its wine cellars and renovate the reknown temple of the age of the Árpáds, as well. Under the development of artificial turf sports and outdoor tracks coach parks were established. Due to these developments and the quality of service system the town and the local service providers have been several times awarded alike. Based on the decision of the Hungarian National Hungarikum Committee the Héviz lake with its local traditional medicinal facilities have become a part of the Hungarian National Depository; the town has won a bike-friendly town award,and the "Hotel of the Year 2014", "2014 Hungarian Brands Award" and the "Hungarian Tourism Quality Award 2014" Prizes were also given to local accomodations.


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