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The neighbourhood of the Lake Hévíz will be renewed

According to the statement of the Municipality of Hévíz, the renovation of the park in front of the main entrance of the Lake Bath and the Schulhof promenade will start with a financial support. The aim is to create a cultural route that showcases the heritage of the Festetics family, while creating an attractive, complex, not-seasonal product for tourists.

The handover of the work area has already taken place, the expected completion date of the project is April 2022. The area is belonging to a natural reserve, because of it the protection of the fauna and flora is very important: the preservation of the special plane trees is ensured, only 63 non-native shrubs or trees will be replaced by 13,000 new plants, and the number of annual flowers will be also enhanced.

New attractions will help increase guests ’comfort: the plans include the construction of a music pavilion and a sacred showroom, the renovation of the fountain, the construction of pergolas, and the modernization of the irrigation system and rainwater drainage system. New candelabras will be added to the park, and in addition to the renewing of the grass areas, a new decorative cover will also be purchased.

Photo: Municipality of Hévíz
Photo: Municipality of Hévíz

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