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Moving to Hungary?

You can read more and more reports and information about the topic of emigration. This article is about the phenomenon of “emigrating to Hungary”.
Almost 10 million people live in Hungary, 1.7 million of them in the capital Budapest alone. 92% of the population are locals - called Magyars -, 39% are Catholics. Hungarians are very proud of their history, their culture and their Christian traditions. Hungary has been a member of NATO since 1999 and a member of the European Union since 2004.

If Hungarian politics should be described, many - even abroad - talk about a balanced social policy, rejection of uncontrolled mass migration, support for families and protection of children, successful-oriented economic and environmental policy. The growth rates of the Hungarian economy are increasing and it should also be mentioned that inflation is higher like in Germany.
In Hungary, 47.5% of electricity sources comes from nuclear power and around 27% from natural gas. Electricity and other living costs are lower in Hungary than in Germany.

It can be said that Hungary is not attractive to everyone. If you are looking for a job as an employee, you not only have to speak the difficult Hungarian language, but you also have to expect a significantly lower income. Hungary is particularly attractive for independent workers, entrepreneurs and retirees.

In Hungary you don't really have to miss anything in your daily life. The supermarkets have a huge selection of regional and international products and there are numerous good restaurants too. The internet connection is also usually good. Finding a craftsman can be difficult as in Germany. However, once you have found a craftsman, the quality is at least as good as in Germany for significantly lower prices. For example, you can easily find real estate agents, lawyers and doctors who speak excellent German, and you can easily communicate with craftsmen and other service providers, at least in English.

According to the experiences, it is worth buying your own property in Hungary. First of all, the property ownership rate is very high at 82%: the highest in Europe. After purchasing a property, you can also apply for a residence card, which entitles you to a permanent residence permit after 5 years. That also means an advantage.
You can find property in Hungary in every price level; the Lake Balaton region is the most popular among Germans and Austrians. Normally you can buy a single-family home for 100,000 to 200,000 EUR, but these are often small, old, and sometimes without a connection to a sewer or gas network. Modern houses or apartments in the tourist centers of Hévíz or Keszthely are more expensive.

It's worth getting your own impression of the Lake Balaton region!

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