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New Western European charter flights in Sarmellek

This year’ s charter season started at the airport in Sármellék in the middle of April. Flights came from Frankfurt of the Lufthansa Regional, and from Friedrichshafen of the InterSky.

First 70 passangers arrived from Frankfurt in Hévíz-Balaton Airport. The German passangers were greeted by Gábor Papp, the Mayor of Hévíz and Henry Reutel, the director of Lufthansa. After landing the head of Lufthansa said on the press conference that they have had  flights  between big cities and Sármellék for 15 years. They are convinced that besides the charters the region may have further potentials in the future. Hungary would need a second international airport after Budapest. In order to realize this goal they would like to be a partner.

From Sármellék to Rio and Shanghai

The airline company designed the shedules for this season so that they could offer direct connections from Franfurt to Shanghai, New York, Chicago and Rio de Janeiro. In short, it seems possible that you can fly almost anywhere in the world  from Sármellék. Passangers can also book scheduled flights Düsseldorf-Sarmellek thanks to the cooperation between Hévíz Balaton Airport and  Germanwings. The current flight season is planned to be extended throughout the whole year, and not only on Saturdays.

More and more passangers come from German speaking countries

Mayor Gábor Papp said that this season is a step forward for the Airport, the town and the whole region. Thanks to the Mutsch Ungarn Reisen and the PA Touristik the number of passangers from the German –speaking countries has increased by minimum 20-30 percent for the last one and a half decades. From May flights will also arrive from Basel in Switzerland.

Increase in the number of guest nights

Judit Kultsár, the director of Mutsch Reisen said that they have seen a 10 percent increase in pre-bookings. It means that after 9,000 bookings during the second half of last year, they will reach 10,000 passangers. It means at least 100,000 guest nights in this region not only in Hévíz and Zalakaros, but also at places near Lake Balaton.


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